I need healing/ Reiki Does Heal!

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My girl friend was diagnosed with Lupus and she was starting to get weaker every day. She stopped hanging out with her friends because she was just so tired all the time. She stayed in bed most of the day and had to walk with a Cain. She was losing weight that she did not have. My beautiful girl friend only weighed 90 pounds at age 30. Her body was having tons of bad reactions to all sorts of foods. We all worried and loved her but did not know what we could do. The doctor finally said that she needed to have chemotherapy or she would die within a year.
After the diagnosis of her having to go through Chemo I couldn’t take it any longer. I wanted do something to help her, but I was not a doctor what could I do to help? I learned about a method of healing and everyone that I had talked to about it swore how great it was. They told me that they could heal any one and even themselves. They said you could turn your own common cold from 4 days to 4 hours.
I immediately was attuned for 80 bucks; I was then a Reiki healer. I told my friends and family that my girl friend needed us and asked if they wanted to join in.
They all agreed eagerly that I was surprised. After the attunement of 8 more people we were ready to start healing her. My sister has a massage table that she laid on and every week for a year and a half she has laid on that table. We love it and she loves it. We lay our light hands on her beautiful body and we as a group talk and laugh about whatever we want. We really did it, she was walking on crutches and about to go in a wheel chair and then the miracle happened- she went the other way. Out of crutches, back to driving herself around, eating and looking like a well-fed and healthy person again. Now the doctor’s say- the lupus is dormant and she is not affected it by it any longer. We all know the magic that we created; we all know how hard she has had to work to pull herself out of such a whole. We are so proud of her. Now I get my girl friend back.
If you know of anyone that has cancer or any type of illness and you want to help them- just do what we did. Anything and Everything is possible.
She will be perfect and whole again one day soon.
Not only does Reiki heal a major illness but it also heals anything. My colds are shorter now, and my recent pregnancy was a breeze. When my back started hurting I would just lay my hands on myself and then wow, the pain was gone. The labor was one hour. It is so easy and fun to do. I love Reiki!!!!
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