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I never knew writing was so organic

Published by DeathandGrim in the blog DeathandGrim's blog. Views: 399

For the longest time I've only lived in my head and played around with ideas of stories and plot lines. This that and the third and I was great (so I believe) at coming up with interesting tales and characters. I could make a story off of a single thought, even so much as a single sound could easily spark my imagination into overdrive. I could rattle off about everything I've possibly thought of but since I pulled an entire continuity reboot and started from scratch that would be pointless. Back to what I was saying.

My most recent writings in the The Sentinels, which is an episodic story on a blog, has made me start to realize the writing itself is... living. Week to week I've got to expand the story and keep things on track and while I'm doing this I find myself saying "No no, she wouldn't do that." or "He/she's gotta make this happen" and I slowly started realizing that this stuff has a mind of its own. When it wants to expand it demands a new character or plot element. It demands a character act a certain way or a scene have a certain type of symbolism. At first I thought "ok... I've lost it" and perhaps maybe I have but I as the writer can't deny what the story wants. It's part of me, my creation so why would I neglect it?

That was just the thought of the moment, I apologize if this is like an obvious point for everyone or just plain insane. But that's what I was thinking.
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