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I really hope this isn't going where I'm thinking this is going... (news update from my hometown)

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DISCLAIMER: I'm extremely protective of my identity online -- so much so that I once tricked another forum into thinking I was from France. Well, I tricked at least one forum-goer, not sure about the rest.

So believe me that when I'm suddenly revealing to you all what city in the US I'm from, you know shit's hit the fan in a nuclear way:

Remember way back in June how I told you a black teen was shot by a police officer in my hometown?


Well, um... yeah the grand jury said the officer responsible hadn't done anything wrong and won't face charges. Of course, the teen's family strongly disagrees and will look elsewhere -- even file a civil right's claim. My worry is, well...

The last couple of times this happened, there were wide-scale riots. I'm worried history will, yet again, repeat itself here, in my hometown. In Mobile. I'm not sure whether this betrays my apparent lack of faith in humanity, but I don't see how history could not repeat itself. It's like there's a step-by-step procedure:

Step #1: Something bad happens.

Step #2: "BURN ALL THE THINGS!!!111"

Step #3: "We must ensure this never happens again."

Step #4: Return to Step #1.

It's like we're more interested in looking for a reason to burn shit down than to actually fix problems.

So that's what I'm afraid of. :/ I'll be keeping an eye on things and posting updates.
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