I seem to have gotten a bit ahead of myself.

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The good news is, I have a professional artist (as in, employed by a museum to do art classes and stuff, and does commissions) to do art for my book/wiki. He's agreed to do it all for free, even. Obviously, if I'm successful, he'll see some of it, I'm not a total wad, but he's not expecting compensation for it. He's just looking for a passion project that lets him draw things that aren't portraits and still-lifes.

The bad news is, I still don't...actually have a book to design a cover for. At the moment, most of his work will be for the wiki. I've got two major character rewrites and two chapters to fix before I can even move on with my story.
My brother, who I would have socked if we were in the same room, tried to lecture me on timetables and 'why do you need an artist, you don't have a book yet'. While I may have objected quite intensely to his tone (I HATE being lectured about timetables, and he's exactly the wrong person to be doing that, anyway), he has a point. I've gotten more than a bit ahead of myself. I'm not much more than a third of the way through my book, I'm writing slowly, and I'm at a serious loggerhead. I'm not less grateful for finding an artist, but thanks to my brother, I feel guilty about not being farther along in the writing process.

Damn it all.
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