I think I love my school.

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Well, I am officially back for the second part of my sophmore year in my University. I don't live in the university, though.

I'm taking:
History of Western Civilization II
History of Latin America
Geography 102
British Lit. II

Being a history nut and a History/English major, and the fact that I love Geography with a passion, it's like I'm in heaven.

It's strange, really. We're beginning the Geography course talking about the inside of the Earth and rocks. This is really showing me how little my science teachers of my elementary school days had taught me. Either that or I didn't pay attention, which is very possible.

I just never understood the idea of rocks and minerals and the different types. All I got out of the elementary school science classes was that the Earth had four parts and everything below the crust was lava and very, very, hot.

I think I may end up becoming a Geography professor one day.
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