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I Think That Possibly, Maybe I've Fallen For You

Published by lilix morgan in the blog lilix morgan's blog. Views: 70

I'm giggling. Unable to stop. I feel like a giddy child who's just been promised an entire ice cream shop with every flavor imaginable.

My day was pretty mellow, again, but that's normal in the boring area where I live. It wasn't until, you guessed it, 11th period rolled around.

Now, we didn't have a study hall again, we actually had Choir, and I've learned that the one song, Venki, is so not my strong point. Alto 2 maybe isn't my path, it's just a little too low for me.

Ah, I'm stalling.

We had two minutes until the bell rang, giving us just enough time to pack our things and chat for a moment. Everyone was busy left and right. Mike, still sick, was coughing up a fit. I gave him a hug and rubbed his back soothingly, to let him know I'm there, and he smiled, then got a drink of water.

He came back a whole whopping six seconds later where we proceeded to hug again, longer. Suddenly he tickled me and used my back like a drum! I laughed, trying to tickle him, but like most men do, he just stood there, blinking.

"You know I'm not ticklish," he teased.

I pouted. "I know a few spots that certainly are." Stuck out my tongue.

We toussled, and somehow I ended up behind Mike, my arms around his neck. He picked me up and against my protests carried me to the other end of the room, me a monkey on his back.

He put me down, smiling while I pouted. He knows that I don't like that, even if I do giggle about it later. Puts too much pressure on my tummy.

The bell rang, and Mike told me he had to leave to go make up a Physics lab. I didn't care, he was talking to me, that's what mattered. I nodded, told him to get a move on and to stop me stalling him.

We hugged again, and this time I kissed his cheek after making him promise he would take care of himself this weekend. He did.

Then he kissed me on the cheek, too.

I kind of wandered out of school in a silly, dazed expression. Certainly I can't like a guy this much in so little time, even if he is an ex.

It was on the bus I realized it.

I never got over him. Not once. I just... made more space to love him unconditionally. To make sure he was happy no matter what happened or happens.

I don't want to say I love him, because love is a strong word that might give people the wrong impression. I like him so much, it gives me crazy dreams of him. I think about him in class, picture his smile when I think of something funny and want to share it.

I've fallen harder than I knew, but I don't mind it so much.
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