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I trust you think therefore you are...

Published by Joshua John Banko in the blog Joshua John Banko's blog. Views: 237

Until you have seen every image in person or attended every event you have ever heard of, you can not logically take this information to be fact but trust that it is fact. In childhood studies, a child reaches a certain age when that child accepts and understand that everyone around them is a living, breathing, thinking human being just like themselves, but I don't understand how this can be implied as fact. Or even trusted as fact. A person is nothing more then the sum of his or her experiences coupled with the chemical balance in there brain. Life is logical, life being logical leaves no mystery. Except for your own consciousness, no one can do or say anything to prove to you that they are anything like you. What you see and feel I haven't a clue, what your neighbor sees and feels you haven't a clue. Do you know that your neighbor thinks and feels? Or is there actions just a logical outcome justified by there personal experiences and brain chemistry, in simplistic terms I like to compare humans to dogs. Just like humans a dog is just the sum of its experiences and brain chemistry. If the dog is beaten by a human, logically it should react with fear towards humans. If a human attacked by a dog, logically it should react with fear towards a dog. Myself being the sum of my experiences can only trust that everything I'm told is fact, I my self have no experience with death first hand and I will never know what death is like, nor will I know if I will ever die or if I can even die. I believe, since all I have ever known is life, logically its illogical to believe that I can die, the only thing that keeps me here is the fear of the unknown. I have no way to know if everyone really does live, breath, and think as I do. When I look at another human being, I do not see another person like myself. I see the result of a series of events and brain chemistry. All I can do is trust.

This has been my perspective on reality,
thanks for reading .-Joshua John Banko
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