I Walk In The Shadows

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I was bored and the idea of a creature walking in the shadows sorta popped in my head. I didn't bother doing any real editing and the grammar is horrible but... oh well I was bored. lol

I feel as if I have always walked the shadows. Lurking in them, thriving within them. I was born in the light, but it was unforgiving. Looks and appearances meant everything to the light dwellers. I tried to fit in, I tried to make the friends that were expected of those who exist within the light.

Everything I did was under a microscope. Nothing I could do or say would go unchecked.

All eyes, even those belonging to those in the shadows, were upon you. Waiting for you to mess up, to say the wrong thing, to act the wrong way. When you are a light dweller, you are only a shell of your former self. You soon hollow out and become empty and void. Because you think this is what you want you begin to throw away everything that you are. You wear a stupid smile even when your heart is crying and screaming in agony.

You move through the halls and you begin to actually think you are above all else.This is a mistake You are not. You are never above anyone else . Because someone who is superior is not a marionette. Whose strings are being pulled by your fellow light dwellers whether you or they realize it.

I tried once to exist within this light. I hated everything about it. Now I dwell in the shadows and I am happy. I can do whatever I want with no one caring. I can be who I want, be with whomever I want. I can exist as I am. I can like what I like and love what I love.

Because I am a shadow dweller.

I walk the shadows knowing I am free, while you walk the light as a prisoner.
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