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I Want Somebody...

Published by Un-substantial in the blog Un-substantial's blog. Views: 126

I want somebody to show they love me,
Somebody to hold me tight.
I want somebody to kiss me softly and sweetly,
and to tell me that they love me.

I want somebody to talk to;
Somebody to share burdens with and cry with.
I want somebody to console me,
and tell me that everything's okay.

I want somebody to protect me;
Somebody to hide me away.
I want somebody to fight away the demons
and let nothing ever harm me.

I want somebody to let me fight;
Somebody who won't shelter me.
I want someone to understand my independence
and step down when babying me too much.

I want somebody to have fun with;
Somebody to laugh with me.
I want somebody to go around town with
and to forget about life with.

I want somebody to be happy with me;
Somebody to take away all my pain.
I want somebody to make me laugh,
when they know I want to cry.

I want to be somebody's somebody.
I want to show I love somebody, talk to somebody.
I want to fight for and with somebody,
and let somebody fight for themselves.

I want to have fun with somebody,
hang out with them and make them happy.
I want to make someone laugh instead of cry.
I want to be somebody.
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