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So I went back to the apartment to get my stuff and was able to get in legally cuz the other lease holder let me in. Luckily my ex wasn't there, but when I got in, my cats had been left with no food or water. So I was about halfway back to my boss's house (where I'm staying) when I get a call from my job telling me that my ex's mom was calling my store over and over, demanding to know where I was cuz I "broke in and vandalized and burglarized her son's apartment" which is crap, cuz I have 5 witnesses, including one of the leaseholders, to testify on my behalf. I called the police to make sure I wasn't gona get arrested at work and the cop told me there was nothing they could do and that I could actually file charges on his mom for harassment and slander, so I did.
So that's done and over with and now I'm just left with... this seeping dissapointment, kind of just trying to understand how I could've been so wrong about someone. And the thing is... I really loved this guy (and still kind of do) and it's weird that we're not together and I'm sad but... I'm also relieved. I'm tired of being accused of cheating (I've never cheated in my life) and I'm sick of having to prove myself again and again but at the same time, I just try to keep reminding myself that yeah, I'm only 21 and better and nicer guys will come along.
I've never been engaged before and he was definately my deepest love but it sucks that it took as long as it did for his true colors to come out.
Bleh... I duno. I'm going to give it about 6 months (at least) before allowing myself to date again. The guy I was dating right before this guy passed away very suddenly and right now... I just kind of need some time to grieve, 'ya know?:confused:

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