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Character travel thoughts. (Point A, Point B)

A few nights ago I was outside under the stars, having a cold coke, pretending I was outside smoking when something hit me. I was thinking about my story and how it supposed to be a long journey. I thought, most the time my characters really wont know where to go from point A to Point B. I really haven’t given them much choice.

I was thinking, how do others do it. So I had to think of The Dark Tower. I cant say for sure but I think Stephen King at some stage thought the same thing… Im pretty certain actually. In his book he used “The Beam” as a path for the characters to use to get to the Dark Tower. (Everything follows the path of the Beam, the clouds, the trees the tide etc). And you know what, its stupid. I liked it when reading the novel but I though it was a cheap trick (Mine will be no better, but really the Beam…come on). The thing is, the beam become the main story in the end, which is what upsets me a little. (The reason I believe he was like me in thinking how do I move my characters is because the Beam is mentioned at a time when all the characters are just together and the “main” journey is about to begin). Oh well I’ll shut up now.

My idea on how to get my main character though the world/story.

Basically my main character comes from a parallel Earth. He comes from a future Earth, probably between 10,000 – 30,000 years. He often talks of “The Ancient Ones” who had strong magic (Technology) who destroyed civilisation twice over (two different times, one around out time, another 10,000 years on).

Between the peek of civilisation and the Wanderers time (with the destruction of everything good between) a few magic’s (technology) survived. One of these was a magic tree which when planted would grow and live for 1,000 years, which when it reached its time (1,000years since plantation) would die.

The world is different now; only a few million people are spread around the world in a handful of locations. Major familles (those of importance) are given one of these seedlings to grow. During the lifetime of the tree the family will burry they’re dead around the tree under its gigantic branches. Hundred if not thousands of the dead will be planted under the tree creating a bond between family and nature.

When 1,000 years has passed the tree dies turning to stone. Before turning to stone the tree drops it’s biggest branch to the ground. Each family has a witchdoctor who will gather the branch.

Each tree has special powers that it can pass on. The Witchdoctor has the ability to communicate with a presence the tree has, but is never allowed to further it. Thus when the tee dies the Witchdoctor has the understanding on what to create from the branch. A cup, a staff, a toy, a key…. Anything is possible. The Witchdoctor decides though..

The Item is given to the head of the family who generally gives it to his son or daughter, grandson, granddaughter. The item created from the Wanderers tree was a staff. The Power from the tree given to the family was guidance. Thus the Wanderer was given a staff of Guidance, which powers to him through dreams, leaving him hints on how he should adventure. What path he should take to better it (This needs working on)

This whole idea gives “Family Tree” something I guess.

I will have to work on this idea though.
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