If it makes me imperfect.

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As if anyone can be perfect anyway. But really, loving her makes me feel incomplete. If I didn't love, and just remain the way I am, then I would be a better person. Always looking for her, missing her and talking about her - it doesn't make me look good. And I don't like it. Love hurts me more than any other pain can make me feel. Personally I like to be in pain (masochist much?), but the pain caused by love is a mixture of pain with a bittersweet flavor in it.

Right then. Today, 12/04/11, is actually the anniversary date for me and her. I started loving her since 12/01/11. So it's exactly 4 months. And they said if it's 4 months, then it will be love, not a crush. And I decided to give up on you in exactly 4 months. Remember that my love has faded like the mist - it will never return.

I won't love you, or anybody else. And you shall be someone normal. Like anybody else.

I want to be free. Free, like the bird and freedom itself. Like the soaring birds in the pure blue sky in which gradient comes from the beautiful and yet blinding sun. That sun would be you. And now it has turned. Turned the tables, and now the moon has come. Calming and ghostly galleon. Remember now, the bird can still be free. No cage to hinder, and freedom's all theirs. Mine. I love you not.

I hereby state that I am no longer in love.
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