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If life gives you lemons...

Published by Katherina in the blog Katherina's blog. Views: 83

That means its acidic, like the rest of your days.

I have to say im not in a very "lively" mood lately, im going through a lot right now and desperately needed to do something that will make me forget my situation and actually wake up and do something about it.

Well, the problem with me is that Im what you would call a "supehero", a person that looks for others in distress so she can help solve their problems. But what to do when the superhero is the one in distress?

This superheroine is at the end of the rope, barely holding on to her beliefs, dreams and hopes. But hey, im still here arenĀ“t I?

Good wishes for all of you people, and for the "Schadenfraude" lovers, hope my story made you feel better about yourselves.

Lol, no worries though, ill be up and running in a week =)
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