TheWritingWriter Oct 19, 2011
First of all, I love your title. Definitely caught my eye. Also, I was starving at the time, so that worked in your favor!

Now, how can I put this. Whether or not you like your own work shows if you have good taste. If you paint a portrait and it actually contains no skill at all, yet you can't find anything to revise, then that means you have no good taste. When you can look at something you have created and realized that it's not good enough for you, you have good taste. Just because you're not skilled enough to reach your ideal quality doesn't mean you have no good taste; it means you need practice. That's why you can spot good photography, well written novels, and breath taking art; you just can't make it yet. Your objectivity allows you to progress and become a better artist. Your finding flaws in your work is a good thing, because it means you have good taste. If you have good taste, I believe that you can acquire good skill. Everything takes practice.