I'm Back

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Hey guys sorry to have been gone for so long. I missed you all and I will assume that at least one person missed me here.

Anyways lets give some updates. Schools out for the summer, for me at least. Which means some good and some bad things are going on. We'll go into the good first.

Obviously NO MORE SCHOOL! That one probably could have been unsaid but nonetheless. Tanner can't mess with me anymore, which is good because I would have sent him to the hospital if he called me, hmm how can I say this, a worse word for a gay man again. I'm making some money. I'm pretty sure I have a girl friend now too, her name is Greer.

Now the not so good:
I have to work for that money I mentioned. I don't see my friends as much anymore. I don't have a laptop anymore so I don't get online as much as before.

I missed you guys and I hope I can start talking to you all again. Until next time, live long and prosper.
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