I'm Back!!

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Sorry about the long, unecessary haitus! I just needed some time to think things through. . . but the good news is that I'm back! :)

I promise to inform someone before running away again (if I decide to do so). Also, I guess I needed a break from everything writing (sad, but true). Writing wise things are looking pretty bleak and unfortunately I have nothing up my sleeve, so far. I forgot how much I LOVE to review and critique so you will be seeing my name everywhere as I scramble to catch up on reading! :D

So, how have all of you wonderful people been? :cool:

Oh and feel free to email me with any of your work. . . whether it's a continuation of an excerpt posted here or something you want me to look at. If I do like your work, I'll probably be begging to read more. :redface:

Take care
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