I'm Growing Terribly Weary of the Word 'Pretentious'.

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Really, EVERYTHING these days is pretentious.

Jealous because a person writes better than you? Then the work is 'pretentious'.

Someone using atypical wording? That is definitely pretentious.

Someone using a spelling of a word (grey vs. gray) because the author prefers that spelling? Pretentious.

Someone like classical music or classic literature? Pretentious.

Someone use symbolism in his writing? Pretentious!

Someone use the word 'he' instead of 'their' because it is correct grammar? WRONG! It's not 'correct grammar'.
It is a pointed, ostentatious display of one's knowledge, or, more simply; pretentious.

Don't know what a word means? Then the word is, inherently, pretentious.

GIVE IT A REST, ALREADY! The basic idea is this: If something seems intelligent, but unorthodox, then it is AUTOMATICALLY a person attempting to show off his ostensible skill. Period.
No one is different than you, unless it's in a negative way. No one is smarter than you, they are just pretentious.

I used to get annoyed when people would write 'vampyre.'
I could tell myself all day that I got annoyed because it was improper and stupid, but in reality, I was just jealous.

Or maybe he's just someone who likes things the way he likes those selfsame things. Perhaps he's just a kid. Maybe he doesn't CARE what you think.

It's not 'pretentious,' it is (and I never thought I would say this) an expression of volition and self-will.

I don't expect anyone to change, based on this rant; no one ever does.
I just needed to say it. Why must we feel so high and mighty that we consider ANYTHING that seems a little more complex than what we are accustomed with to be pretentious?

Just give it a rest. Stop it. Cease and desist. Quit. Halt.

- Atari
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