I'm in love...

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If you're a forum regular, you'll already know all about this. Apologies for the tirade of sickly sweet emotion which I'm about to describe, but it has to be done.

Just before christmas, I met a girl, who actually did change my life. She was amazing, and talking to her made me so happy, it was inevitable I would fall for her. What I didn't anticipate was her falling in love with me.

It has been one month and fourteen days since I asked her out, and I'm not exaggerating when I say I've never been happier. I'm at uni, miles away from her, so I can only see her at weekends, but I've seen her every weekend since then, and every moment with her has been perfect. She makes me so happy.

She's the most wonderful, sweet, loving girl I've ever encountered, and she's beautiful, funny, sexy, and very smart. She's my idea of perfection. We spend hours on the phone to each other each night, and when we aren't on the phone, we're talking on MSN, or by text. Even our arguments are punctuated every two minutes by "I love you".

I've genuinely never felt anything like this, and am so completely besotted with my beautiful angel. And I'm so excited that she's coming to visit me for a week. It's going to be heaven. I'm away at a wedding on valentines day, so we have to wait til monday to celebrate, but I'm determined to make it the most amazing day ever.

I love her so much.
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