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I haven't posted a blog entry in a while, so I figured I would write one on my current big project.

In addition to working two jobs and maintaining this site, I'm also a member of a new company, Exit Reality Entertainment. Our core project is a film series, The Red String Theory, but we also are building a YouTube channel and pursuing contract work. Our first movie, Remote, is reaching the end of pre-production.

I think it has a very promising storyline, but before you say anything, no, I'm not the writer. My role is President/CEO and my primary responsibilities on this project are planning, finance/funding, contracts, website design, marketing, and distribution. You think that's a long list? You have no idea. :eek:

Anyway, I want to share what I can about the project and the story. Our primary writer and founder is pretty damn secretive about the whole thing. Our movie, Remote, is a psychological thriller in the greater "universe" of the The Red String Theory.

The movie follows the character Daniel Grey as he discovers a series of unsolved cases and unsettling events in his search for his missing brother and friends. The movie chronicles the events leading up to their disappearance, which ultimately lead Daniel to believe the disappearance all involve a mysterious - even malevolent - organization.

Here's a little better summary of the project:

What really gets me excited, though, is the rest of the universe of The Red String Theory.

Everything you’ve done - everything you believe - is a result of the choices you’ve made in the past. This is the undeniable truth. But is everything you believe a result of actions within your control? Is it possible that the choices you have made - the choices that have brought you down this path to where you are today - were designed and intentionally placed in front of you by an unseen person, one with a hidden agenda? What if every choice you’ve made has been designed and orchestrated. Not predestined, but predetermined, calculated, implemented.

The Red String Theory follows three families through stories of hidden political agendas, power struggles, military conspiracy, global affairs, and the manipulation and control of human experience.

These interconnected storylines revolve around the concept of predetermined circumstances. After three generations of these families, three young individuals discover that their very existence is due to events that took place framed within this illusion of choice, and that they should not be there at all. As this discovery is made, a dark plot unfolds to transform the entire world that they know into something different.​

Pretty cool, eh?

We're pretty far along on Remote, but like any project this big, we're hitting roadblocks.

We have a full cast and crew (upwards of 30 people), which of course leads to scheduling conflicts. We have a number of locations nearly secured, but getting the paperwork finalized is difficult. Funding has also been a huge issue. We had to seriously reexamine what we could do with a limited budget after missing our Kickstarter campaign's goal. We ended up massively reducing the shooting schedule to cut costs and relaunched in Indiegogo. :mad: I'll be glad when the campaign's over.

Over the next two weeks we're going to drill down on the funds we've secured on Indiegogo, and rip apart each department's budget, reducing it to the true essentials. Everything else will need to be compromised or come out of pocket. With luck, the latest version of our shooting schedule will work.

We are dividing filming for Remote into at least two segments, with principle filming starting in about three weeks. :eek:

Holy hell that's coming up fast. :eek: :eek: :eek:

So that's what I've been working on for the past year.


If interested, you can follow the project on our Facebook, or get a better overview on our campaign page.

I'll probably make another post about the project after filming's complete.

Pardon my ramblings. :D
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