Annessa Jones Dec 19, 2013
I fully understand what you are going through. I am not really a writer either, I am a creator. I am constantly coming up with ideas, but I don't have a medium to express them with.

It's so hard living in a world where it seems like everyone knows what they are good at, or at least what they can get better at. Everyone finds some sort of medium throughout their lives; instruments, paint, pencils, pens, computers, tablets, movement, athletic balls, shoes, bikes, skates, words, ect. And its hard looking at the world, seeing all of the different tools people use to express themselves, and thinking "None of these are for me."

Most people, when they hit this predicament, give up. They decide that they weren't meant for this world, and lock away their creativity. But you can't. You have to promise yourself to never stop looking until you find your medium. Because you are you for a reason, and you have the gifts you have to make a difference, no matter how small. And isn't that enough to keep looking? Knowing that somewhere out there, be it on the other side of the earth or in the distant future, someone needs to see or read or watch something that you create.
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