I'm really sick - change in diet to blame? :(

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I've been sick for about 2-3 days.

I've been exhausted and have had a constant headache.
For a couple weeks (As long as i've been dieting) I haven't been able to *go* to the toilet properly (if you get me). In fact, I hadn't been at all til the other day.

I thought that was just a natural reaction to a drastic change in diet.

<If you don't want too much info, don't read on>

I've had chronic diarrhea for the last two days, but it's more like just water. I've lost my appetite and I feel completely dehydrated. I was up and down during the night passing nothing but water - whatever I drank/ate came straight out again.

It's like my organs aren't working properly. I'm scared.

My back and tummy aches and feels bloated - yesterday night, everytime I had to rush to the loo, I came back freezing cold and shiverring, and yet I felt really hot to touch. Then it switched - I felt boiling hot. I checked my temperature and it was 37.8 - I think that's normal?

Last night I slept through solidly and have only had to *go* once this morning.

However, I still feel sick and tired and headachey, and I haven't been able to go to Uni because I just don't feel up to it - also, i'd rather me indoors so that if I have another bout of sickness i'm not somewhere difficult.

Can drastic changes in diets do this?? Is there something i've done horribly wrong?

Sorry for all the gross info, but hey, be lucky it isn't you.
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