I'm Such a Screw Up

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I have never been very careful with my words.
It sounds so much better in Greek.
In Greek a lot of sentences and phrases sound nicer in context then they do in English.
I phrased some stuff really bad in English, I didn't know they sounded rude cause in Greek they don't sound as rude and jerkish. Well now saying what I did everyone is mad at me now.
I really didn't know it was that rude.
I'm such a screw up sometimes. Now I think I have lost a some people as friends and I have lost some respect too.
I didn't mean to.
I really didn't it.
I don't want lose anyone, but I feel like this is going to effect in a very negative way. And the people that were my friends are going leave me. I know its the internet, but I found a place where I belonged or at least a place where I could talk to people, but I messed that up just as much as I messed the real world up for myself.
I'm such a screw up.
And they probably don't want to talk to me any more. I'm upset at myself and I don't want to lose anyone.
Because that means that I'm going to be lonely again and hated.
I don't want to be hated.
Why do I always screw up the good things? Why?
I hate myself sometimes and this is one of those times.
I needed someone to talk or write out how I feel so I put it here.
I want to apologize, but I don't feel I have done anything wrong.
And to apologize would mean that I have done something wrong.
But I didn't do anything wrong.
At least I don't, but I know those people think I have done something wrong.
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