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I'm telling, you're no fun!

Published by GalwayGirl in the blog GalwayGirl's blog. Views: 122

Writing just became very stressful, I wanted to do a rewrite but I actually think my first finished piece is starting to irritate me, and any other story I come up with gets irritating. Maybe I am just not in the right frame of mind to try and write anything, when did it start becoming so stressful and stop being fun?

I have had so many ides over the last few weeks and at the time they all seemed like great ideas but I keep hitting a wall and instead of getting over it it seems to get higher and higher and I am really short so climbing it keeps looking less and less likely.

I really dislike having holes in my stories I get so far then I have no idea how to get from B to C but I know where I want to end up, so what now? How to get back in the right frame of mind?:confused:
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