I'm Tired of Feeling Like the Only One Who:

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Is alone
Isn't whole
Can't handle little misfortune
Breaks down every day
Needs attention constantly
Craves attention constantly
Isn't loved
Doesn't love
Is scared to love
Lets people down
Gets let down
Gets ditched for cooler people
Isn't 'cool'
Doesn't know how to act
Is laughed at
Is made fun of
Is ignored
Is 'weird'
Wants more
Isn't happy
Wants to cry forever
Cries at school
Is loved by only my stuffed animals
Plays video games to feel better
Is isolated
Is yelled at
Is nagged on
Locks herself in her room
Is losing everyone she loves
Is losing her independence
Needs people
Needs reassurance
Is unloved by her brother
Needs love
Is lacking social ability
Is in pain
Can't heal
Is afraid
Isn't motivated
Is losing interest in everything
Occasionally wants to die
Is always stressed out
Can't talk about things
Can't open up
Is vulnerable
Puts on a mask every morning
Puts armor on every morning
Has to convince herself that today will be better
Is disappointed when it isn't
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