I'm Writing, it feels good!

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Oh hey!

So it's been several weeks since I joined here, truth been told I haven't been as active as I'd have liked.

However I am happy to report that the whole REASON for my coming to this lovely place is to find motivation to write. Challenge Completed!

I've just written the first 1000 words of a book. It's not like anything I've tried to write before. I don't know what it was, the idea just struck me.

Actually that's a lie. I am still in story mode so I shall tell you the tale! What happened was this.

I've spent the day meeting up with friends actually. I'm moving away from this town for good on Sunday and I won't be back till at least October, but most of my friends are moving on to other things so it's kind of the last chance to see people.
My mate Simon came round, we watched a movie and drank a few beers then he left. I was about to go read a book when I suddenly thought I'd have a go at the short story competition here.

After a couple of attempts, both of which I deleted because I thought they were rubbish, I started writing something...else. something different, which I'd never really thought of before (at least not from this point of view).

I don't really want to give it away because I don't know yet if I want someone to rip it apart! I feel like it's a somewhat unique and original thing, I haven't read anything like it before and I don't know if I want somebody to turn around and say "Actually, this is just like such-and-such by so-and-so.

Having said that, I really just wanted to share my excitement and if someone is really, genuinely interested in having a read I would happily provide a snippet in exchange for some critique.

Though that's another thing, rules are rules and I'm yet to write my second critique of someone elses work, I would kind of feel like cheating if I did this privately. Who can say, I'd go out and write a critique now but I'd feel, again, like I'm not giving it my full attention and only doing it to meet my requirements.

I've also just realised i'm becoming a bit waffley and writing a bit of nonsense and the like. So I guess I shall end this blog post here. I just wanted to share with you all how good it feels to start writing something I want to stick with!
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