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Published by mugen shiyo in the blog mugen shiyo's blog. Views: 128


If I take a number and cut it in half, I will always get two equal halves. And for each half, should I cut that in half, I will always have two equal halves. And there is no end to this. Thus numbers have no end forward or back.

Then iMAGiNE space. If you cut a given portion of space, not matter, in half, it represents a numerical quantity of space. Cutting it in half will give you two equal halves. A cubic meter of space will give you two equal cubic half meters. And you can cut the pieces of the pieces for as long as you want, attempting to get to the end. But you will not. Because as fractions are infinite, so is space. Space, which can extend infinitely outward and infinitely inward.

So when zooming in on a given area, a point to us the size of a pinpoint may be the size of a universe to a particle so, so much smaller than we. And for that severely small particle, it would appear as a universe without end to a particle so much smaller than it.

I was wondering if how we always take the limit of our knowledge as the law. Such as nothing cannot go past the speed of light. If a thing can go ten miles an hour, why not eleven. If a trillion, why not a trillion and one. Surely there must be particles smaller that quarks and bosons. We simply don't have the means to measure them yet. Our resolution has not reached that level- technically or mentally.

Infinity is still one of the great undiscovered countries around us. Like in the old days when there was mystery beyond the borders of our known experience. It seems to say something important about who we are and what everything around us is. That we can understand as much as we want, but we will always strive to understand everything because there is no end to everything. Like an onion with an infinite number of layers, we try to find a core truth to the universe, but we keep finding more and more layers.
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