Imminent Doom

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So I decided to change things up the other day to get my creative juices going. (okay, and also I needed to be more portable with a crazy crawling nine month old) So, I busted out my old laptop, which mind you was purchased in 2004 to get me through a year long tour of my husband being in Korea, followed immediatly by it's travel to Iraq in which he used it in what seems to be a sand storm, and some how I no longer have a CD Rom, but ya know. Anyway, ramble complete, I thought I'd get it out so I could lasso the child unit into a room and write while he found new ways to fall of things, and I push the power button, and I am greeted with the message:
Imminent Failure predicted.

Talk about a downer.
I googled ways to save her life, and asked my computer genius brother in law what to do, I deleted needless applications, and so far, the message has not reappeared. So I used it anyway, typing short amounts at a time, saving them to thumb drive and bringing them to the, um, I dont know the term, Permanent computer. hahaha
As far as the actual novel goes, changing to third person has proven to work very nicely. I have split it into to two books, they are all in one novel, but there is a 4 year time jump, and I cleverly came up with a poem to split the two halves. (a character dies, the poem is from him, it fit nicely, and sure beat me having to worry about copyright laws by using song lyrics)
I am trying to get a draft of the first half finished before vacation next week, we are going home, and hopefully I can get someone to check it out for me. And thats about it, my update for the day. Happy writing. I must go save Captain Crazy pants from his playpen, he's trying to lick his way out...

ps. ignore my typos, run on's, lack of puncuation, and bad spelling. Please forgive me. It's my blog, I can do what i want. haha
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