Important NPCs in 'Out of Their Minds'

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These are some NPCs I have created, they have been somewhat introduced already. I honestly don't know if you can freely roleplay a NPC - stupid GM here :p, but these characters are the ones open for use in roleplay by anyone kinda thing, unlike Francine who is my charrie.

Name: John Francs
Age: 30
Gender: Male

Race: Caucasian
Spiritual beliefs: Atheist

Fighting proficiencies: He's a very muscular man with incomparable strength, and his skills in martial arts go a long way. He also carries a revolver, pack of grenades and sleeping gas with him at all times.
Occupation: Detective

Personality: A vain and somewhat rude man who is great in his job but his personal dealings can be nasty. He is very intelligent, and is bound to know something you couldn't even imagine. He is a pervert, or that's what people say.
Appearance: Wavy black hair with a very fair complexion. His eyes are narrower than usual but they look very intimidating in the face cut. His nose and lips are balanced to, and his body frame is broad and muscular. His height is 6 feet and he weighs 170 pounds.
Biography: Basically no one knows about John's past or present, because it is 'classified' information.

Name: Brenda Stives
Age: 28
Gender: Female

Race: Japanese/Austrian
Spiritual beliefs: Wiccan

Fighting proficiencies: She can punch. :p
Occupation: Psychiatrist

Personality: A simple, touchy but loving lady who always plays loyal with her colleagues. She is more into her social life than the hospital, but nevertheless she is good in her job.
Appearance: Long, glossy black hair with soft curls. Her complexion is like the moon - very beautiful looking. Her eyes are oceanic blue, which look like pearls in the night. Her height is 5"2' and her weight is about 105 pounds.
Biography: She was at first a model due to her ideal figure and looks, but when her best friend Trixie became a schizophrenic, she decided to study her disease. Once into psychiatry books, she was so fascinated that she joined psychiatry and discontinued modeling. Her parents are divorced and she has never seen her mother. Her father is a polygamous man who keeps changing his girlfriends and sexual partners. She is the only child and has moved far away from Atlanta, where they lived, to New York State just because of her father.

Name: Jerry
Age: 24
Gender: Male

Race: French
Spiritual beliefs: Jew

Fighting proficiencies: Was a boxer in his college days, but nothing much else.
Occupation: Sit-at-home brother

Personality: A lazy and carefree man who is yet to understand the demands of life. He spends most of his time watching TV and partying with his neighbors, despite his sister's insistence that he should find himself a job. He's pretty rude and uncompromising, sometimes which makes his sister very upset.
Appearance: Brown dry hair with a fairly darker complexion than his sister. He has dull blue eyes which seem to give an effect of dirty green from far. He's a bit overweight, which doesn't help his overall unappealing look. His height is 5"8'.
Biography: Unlike his sister Francine, Jerry was a careless and partying young lad who barely passed high school. Though he worked very hard for graphic design, his irresponsible attitude did not let it survive as a career and he immediately turned to his sister for funds. Now he lives a retarded life with his sister.
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