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Published by Sparrow in the blog Sparrow's blog. Views: 92

I did get the extra page done yesterday, so arrears is back to 53. And I've gotten my two pages done this morning. Perhaps if time allows I can get another page done tonight. Depends on how many dogs I end up walking.
I have a little table to write on now, out here in the carport. This has helped my comfort level quite alot; it's hard to keep one's mind on the story when one's laptop feels like a space heater on one's legs. Not in the summertime in the desert. So my loving husband found me a folding camp table that I can set up out here every morning and, up on a chair now, I'm also out of reach of any adventurous bugs. Vast improvement.
Now I need to work on getting to bed on time so I can get out here by 5:15 instead of 5:45. That could be an extra page in the morning.
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