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In a Dream...

Published by Jay Scarlett in the blog Jay Scarlett's blog. Views: 125

When you get to school but there is no space to park the car, that you just decide to go around and wait for the rest of the cars to move after dropping the students. It is a busy street and we decided to turn left. Music loud, non stop giggles, and a foggy car well smokey car. When all seems a perfect calmed morning the unexpected happens. At a far distance we hear the police sirens. We don't think much of it until bang a run away truck hit us on our back right side that we spin for a second or two. So I thought. I just remember all the noise and getting dark and dark and darker. I felt my body getting lighter and lighter, that for some reason I saw myself floating up and up. I open my eyes and I see myself in some type of capsule, spacecraft with my two friends and two others. We all look at one another confused, shocked, and then see it. For some reason we don't ask questions, not yet. With this feeling in the middle of my chest that rushes through all my body when we see out the window. Th planets we leaving behind and all those beautiful bright stars. The sight of the infinite stars, time and space. A sight that you can look all day long and never get tire of it. A sight that makes you feel all kinds of feels, emotions everything and anything. A precious gift to have and cherish with all your heart, mind and body. A feeling that you can never forget.

I don't know how long it was but we are not in our solar system. I don't think anybody has travel this far or if it could be possible. Out of nowhere we hear and see this huge spaceship? is this really happening. We see that our tiny capsule is being pulled towards this spaceship. We hear a voice within us "Prepare yourself!" we all look at each other and then to him and questions after questions "Prepare for what exactly?" "Who can it be?" and me "Lets make sure we all stay together. Do not I repeat DO NOT get separated. You seen this thing is huge and we can not afford to loose each other." We all hold hands and the doors open! Bright lights and then we see shadows its like straight out of the movies. Well they were no aliens or anything scary. Humans, they're humans. This far and i do mean far, How in hell can it be possible. Well we kinda made it too. The leader walks in front and says who of us five is the leader. We look at each other and we all see fear and confused about the question. The guy next to me speaks up without fear and with a lot of confidence and says "Me, I am the leader." He then looks at all of us and we all nod and agree. The other guys says welcomes us and said to follow. Our Leader looks at us and says "Stay together, Ready lets go!" we nod and walk through the doors.
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