In a elapsed time space...

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In this view I see this day, and nothing more. I have seen this morning, but time walked on and that became of no importance. Yesterday, noting less than today but in true meaning, it's two obsolete days in the universe seen by my eyes as nothing but a time space. Whatever happens in one of those, may or may not happen in the other. What we do and what we say may have influence on everything about to happen, its never really in the past.

The past in my eyes makes life to the day more and more complex. If there were no past memory, would we still be the same as we were yesterday? What I do today has absolutely no meaning for tomorrow, since by tomorrow I would have already changed the day before. Either to something better or maybe even something worst. By choice we live for we have no other option to maintain ones life.

By choice we live or die... I sometimes find myself pondering about the host that hosts this reality. Although my mind tends to calm the thoughts by telling me that nothing in this life can control ones mind, but by choice. I fear the truth for it could seem that nothing here is real, but just another "Dream" or a filled world with projections of myself in another view. Imagine your loved one or friend next to you, not being real but just an imagination in your reality since your mind pleases the host to its existence. It fills your needs, also you fill its needs. You and your mind play along in a realm of unknown existence.

Time once again played its role, although we still don't fully understand the meaning of it. I moved on to the next thought, and that thought is now undone left alone to rot. It may rise again to be re-analysed but only choice can decide such a move.

Yesterday I walked into a messy room, and I told the person who's room it is that it's messy, he replied saying: "What is messy?". I replied to him: ' True words you speak, look at the universe'... Made us both think for awhile until choice made the next move again or commonly known 'Time moved on'.

Yet again meaning is nothing but choice. I think and I do, by choice since it's my reality, although we are yet so influenced by other realities, that we have gotten ourself into a state where we live among their rules...? why? We constantly measure ourself against them... What for? each are different and each have a purpose... by choice... until the next time space we wait... for the choice is made for the next day only to see the past day.
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