In a Funk

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I seem to have hit a proverbial wall in life. I've been feeling completely uninspired in just about every way. I can't commit to a single project--books started and tossed aside, knitting projects the same, my writing the same, and the big picture of my life is a big mess. It has been since I graduated from college last June and realized I didn't have a plan. At all.

Suddenly I find that life is a wheel and I am a hamster. When did that happen? And how do I fix it? It boggles the mind.

A lifelong friend asked me yesterday if I was happy and I honestly didn't know how to answer her. I told her I was "happy-er" than I had been. But it isn't enough.

Forget mid-life crisis, this is what a quarter-life crisis looks like. And I'm not the only one.
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