in a world of my own and i like it

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so recently i i started writng this awesome sotry adn i have let poeple read it so far everyone is like gee i really like this, but that is wht ever, any how so this story i called it sahdes of gray but i have been bounceing between calling it room 21 which was the original name to it, but idk about it im so confused on where to go next.

i havn't worte alot till last night when i findout my grandma might have breast cancer again, so which really freak me out like hard core, im so scared about wht is going on with her, and then my stupid cuz adn her drug problem wht a buff she thinks she is when really she isn't at all she thinks that drugs are her life. any how i thought it was really wierd how some situations in yourl life can make it where your writer block goes away. too bad mine had to be this.

Any how so i was thinking about some other things adn litening to mad music. iwant to write but i want to write music. idk wht well that is all. i guess.
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