In the dead of night.

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It's now 12:05 AM where I am. I wonder what time it will be when I'm done. Only one way to find out.

I've been pondering whether or not to treat this like some sort of online journal, or to use it as an excuse to post pieces of writing to be reviewed and therefore bypass the two review before posting a story rule. I leaning more towards the first simply because I find the latter rather crude and underhanded. Journal it is. I will not, however, have a set schedule for this. In fact, I doubt I'll use as more than a vent to express my writer side. I figure, if I can write a blog, I can write a story. Now let's hope I don't give this up like a story I run in my head to much.

And that leads me to topic number two on today's entry. I find NOT thinking about your story and not planning it at all will give you the highest chance of finishing. The way I see it, if you use all sorts of steps to plan out a story, you've already written it in your head, so it's like re-writing a book you've already read. That is how I lost the will to write at least 90% of my writings.

I'm tired now. I guess it is rather late. That and Band conditioning. So at 12:37 AM I end a rather short blog with this: BOO!
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