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Incoherant much?

Published by ...Terrie in the blog ...Terrie's blog. Views: 131

Anger. I occurs to me, selectively - of course.
Tears fall, smiles form. Replaced by the other.
Look up! One sky.
Many vessels.
To the stars.
We wish.
We give all.
Betrayed, Broken but not beaten.
Hope Remains.
A patient smile from the inner self.
Reassuring hope remains.
My heart hurts ~ my heart works.
I give all, passion I possess. Confidence I'm working on.
I am.
I remain.
I conquer.
Beating my heart reassures me the sun will rise.
The warm comes, wavering, inconsistant.
But worth the fight.

This was my first ever, five minute free hand. Indulge me.

Comments please.

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