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Published by JudeLaurenzo in the blog JudeLaurenzo's blog. Views: 97

I just joined this website , hopefully an utopia
for accomplished and aspiring writers such as myself.

Honestly, I have never blogged in any antecedent event and this is my first, probably similar to a
rite of initiation. Har Har.

I will not speak much about my personal self because I guess its something that you learn about me in time and not delivered in front of you like a freaking restaurant meal. It takes away all the
valuable enigma in a person's personality does it not?

Anyway, I enjoy writing poems and short stories when there are no bouts of lethologica
swarming my mind. I count my lucky stars when
that happens, its so simple to get distracted by the television, the net and the works, I'm sure many writers can relate to this problem.

I'm here to display my works and to learn from others.Constructive criticisms are welcomed as for blatant bad attitude, go vent it on a video game or relieve yourself with your imaginary girlfriend or something, don't waste my time.

I hope this is the start of something great.
Cheers people!
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