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Information and Illusion

Published by mugen shiyo in the blog mugen shiyo's blog. Views: 151

I think I'm going to try and spend much more time reading blogs and writing those on my thoughts. Perhaps we can get a sort of Round Table going where we can discuss these things. I always have a political bend or some philosophic mumbo. If that interests you and you care to wade through one persons funneled thinking, enjoy.

There was once a thing called knowledge, learning, and discovery. These things are gone...

Today, people are taught that information is all around them. That one can know all there is to know and the exact implication of this is that you already know what you need to know. The rest you can find out whenever you want to. Of course, you don't ever want to find out so you never know. But you continue believing that you do know...and whenever you want to know more, it is as easy as a click.

Unfortunately, there is a great difference between the information provided to you and the information present. All the information on the internet is information provided to you. It is a ring of knowledge that makes you move in circles and spirals. You build up a cache of information provided to you. Do you see what is happening? Your knowledge of anything beyond your immediate experience- basically everything- becomes dictated to you by what you read and see. How often have you moved more than twenty miles from your house? And yet more than half of Americans consider themselves knowledgeable of the world, world politics, and the conditions of nations far from where they live. Most people hardly know what goes on in another city in their state, less mind another state.

Welcome to the maze. How have you gotten here and how will you find your way out? You don't even know you are in one do you. The maze is so great that all places inside look different such that traveling through it actually gives you the feel of traveling in freedom unaware you are being led in circles. If information were a system it is largely hermetic, which is to say closed. This is the power of the ring. A closed loop which symbolizes completion, perfection, and containment or the unseen bindings. The ring is a restriction but the power of the shape is that that which it restricts actually feels as though it is in possession of the ring. The slave believes he is the master.

Have I creeped you out yet? I've been studying things based on the feel they have. The energy they give off. I also began to disassociate myself with what I knew and began to re-look things with what some call "the beginners mind" which is to see without knowing. One of the first things that I come across is that a huge amount of the information I think I know and that other people believe they know is not gained or verified in any way through personal experience. You don't buy your food from the internet because you simply cannot trust it. You need to verify it with your own hands. Make sure it is what you want, that it is fresh, and that their is no corruption or deception involved. Why should taking in your information be any different. Most people say seeing is believing so they believe what is on TV. But you are not seeing anything but the television. You are looking at a box flashing you still or moving pictures and we all know, as we are artists, how one picture can generate ten different thoughts, different reactions, and different ways of thinking. When piled in a certain way, those thoughts can be channeled.

I realize I stress this realization of not really knowing anything thing but it is because I believe that it is the very beginning to actually understanding the very disturbing things going on around you. For instance...

What is authority? What gives one man the ability to command others? To say you will pay a tax on your labor. To say these are the freedoms you will have and will not have. Think...the Constitution is merely another form of authority telling you what you can and cannot do. You see it differently merely because it is the most lenient form of force you know of. When you are asked which is the best government, you are really being asked which is the best form of oppression because all governments remove to a varying degree the freedoms of a people, all control the people, and all, eventually, seek to increase that basic control. There is never a government that is ruled by the people. If you think about it you will see that is so. The law is also a potent form of magic. It is invisible, not there, imaginary, and yet it has a definite effect on society. Laws bind. The restrict. They channel. Laws are like the metal piping through which people move through...in theory. In truth, we are absolutely free to do whatever the hell we want. There is no law beyond what a person can do and what they can't do. What makes the law real is that, as Peter Pan would say, they got you to believe in it. And when you begin to believe in it, the imaginary becomes more and more real.

Illusion vs Information...rather Illusion vs Reality or real information versus fake information. How do you know which one you are following. Like the matrix, both seem incredibly real. But in hindsight, after the illusion is broken, you realize just how mind-bogglingly obvious the illusion actually was. And like a con your belief centered mostly on some need, impulse, or want to believe in it.
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