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Inside my mind I roam...

Published by Acidz in the blog Acidz notebook. Views: 121

Back into my creeping hole
I see a form watching about,
as I watch I see inside a hole
shadow connecting both
a deceased thought
arising in form
a shadow as the dead

Going deeper in the hole
I reach a door
by words I wish, I spoke
a choice to believe
another hope, to deceive
the words I wish to believe
arising in form, to hate

To the side I step, another way
formed by lies, connected to each
a network of ways to go about
should I stay or go another way
today the same as yesterday
lies pinned to the hart of life
like a memory marked off by past

arising in form to stay the same
I see the hole
thinking in past
watching my shadow in darkness,
forming a hole
arising in life to die again.
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