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Inspirational Words Of Few: 5, 28, 13

Published by TheLeonard112 in the blog TheLeonard112's blog. Views: 178

The experiences like the ones we've had with games like Super Mario All Stars will be the kind we take with us all our lives. While some of our parents and peers may dismiss such thoughts and feelings as petty and childlike, you still have to listen to your true inter-voice that guides you. You only know what you feel, and I for one feel these video games have defined me. They've revealed to me, that you don't have to think inside the box if you don't want to. In the realms of your hopes and dreams, the impossible can be achieved. While the mundanity of life drones on, you can find adventure inside a virtual world. And really, whose to say what's real and what's not. All these games now are just distant memories of freeze frames and time and space. But, we have the choice to relive with the flip of a switch. It's simple human nature to try to make sense of things by whipping up a trivial list in which the order of our favorites fall. But, really, how can you rate such things? For, these games are significant to us for different reasons. A game who maybe be un-enjoyable to one person may hold a plethora of meaning to another. It may be easy to loose sight of why we really love video games, but just remember at the end of the day, when you're powering down that Playstation 3 console, that it wasn't always about how many gigabytes of RAM you had. It was about the adventure.....

-Jon Jafari

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