internet lists...crack or not

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Is it just me, or does anybody else notice they have an addiction to internet lists? not all lists, of course. When there are hundreds of them out there, a proper addict reserves the right to be choosy, but nine times out of ten, when we are bored and surfing (or stumbling) on the internet, a list can be the right pick-me-up.

So just what's in a list that makes it so addictive? I'm guessing for the majority of us, we all have a pretty decent amount of confusion about ourselves, the world, or life in general, and when we see lists that offer us advice or insight into these things trimmed down to pocket-size, we eat it up. For instance, the following are topics i made up, but how likely are you to pick on them if you saw them...

10 Things A Guy Loves About You

10 Ways To Make Her Burst Out Laughing

5 Steps To Avoiding Debt

The Top Ten Conspiracy Theories of All Time

These lists almost function like the day-time television version of the internet- absorbing us with relatively useless social nuance everyday. I always wondered what lists would be made for certain groups of people, like terrorists...

10 Ways To Make A Bomb Without Including Yourself As An Ingredient

or politicians

10 Ways To F*** Your Nation And Get Paid Doing It

or even Jehova's Witnesses

10 Ways To Annoy Society On Their Only Day Off

One could make a business doing this. or t-shirts :p
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