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Interview with Lethia Mireya Traikens

Published by Kaij in the blog Kaij's blog. Views: 104

Kaij: Greetings, folks. Sitting here with me because she doesn't know how dangerous I truly am--

Lethia: What?

Kaij: --is Lethia Mireya Traikens. Would you care to elaborate on your name meaning, little girl?

Lethia: (thinks) Umm...I can't remember.

Kaij: (sighs, rolling eyes) How can you not know the meaning of your own name? You do have a meaning behind it.

Lethia: Who are you?

Kaij: (grumbles about stupid little kids and leafs through a bunch of paperwork) It says the meanings are forgetful, miracle, and confusion. Does this ring a bell?

Lethia: I'unno.

Kaij: (blank stare)

Lethia: (staring back with a big smile on her face)

Kaij: (points) Where'd you get that scar from?

Lethia: (hand runs down the side of her face) Mommy says it doesn't matter.

Kaij: (thinks, 'Or she means she can't freakin' remember.') This interview isn't really going anywhere.

Lethia: (giggles and swings her legs from the chair she's sitting in) I don't know what an...in-ter-view is, but of course we're not going anywhere, silly. We're sitting down.

Kaij: (slams her fist down on the table beside her, breaking it)

Lethia: (stiffens, eyes like saucers)

Kaij: Do you remember what happened now?

Lethia: (trembles) I went too close to the forest...

Kaij: Now we're getting somewhere. What's your role in the novel, Hollow's Forest?

Lethia: (whimpers, eyes watering) I'm--I'm the first victim.

Kaij: (sneers in disgust at the sniveling) What were you doing before your death?

Lethia: I was playing outside...jumping from one stone to another on the ground. I didn't want to step on the cracks, something bad would happen to Mommy.

Kaij: Did you see or hear anything?

Lethia: (nods head, eyes darting nervously) I heard thunder...loud noise...it was starting to rain so I had to go back home. I turned and ran into...my teddy...but not...I was attacked...

Kaij: While feeling fear, you remembered what happened the last time you were attacked, didn't you?

Lethia: ...Yes.

Kaij: You didn't want it to happen again, but you were too afraid to move.

Lethia: ....

Kaij: All right then. Awesome! Well, this concludes our interview. If you'd be so kind Lethia, get out of my sight before I bring dear old teddy back.

Lethia: (clambers off the chair and leaves the room, sniffling)

Kaij: (looks at you) I hate kids.
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