Interviews With My Cast - P.1.

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I've decided to try an activity. This involves talking with my novel characters as though they're actors of a story. No one is probably interested in talking to them though, so this blog will probably attract little attention. :p Though any number of questions from the character are encouraged and appreciated. :D

Novel characters

  1. Generation 1 - Saleem* and A'liyah*
    • Ali
    • Zafar
  2. Generation 2 - Ali and Aamina
    • Aman
    • Misbah
    • Romana
  3. Generation 2 - Zafar and Muizza
    • Naseem
    • Zeenat
  4. Generation 3 - A'bid and Zeenat
  1. Jennifer, Aman's fiance
  2. Maulvi Abdul Rahman, Jennifer's tutor and best friend
  3. Maulvi Fazal-e-Haq, Jennifer's loathe
  4. Timur, Maulvi Fazal-e-Haq's son*
  5. Jennifer's parents (unnamed)*
  6. Jalal, Misba's fiance
  7. A'num, Jalal's stepsister
  8. Mary, Jalal's cousin
  9. Abdullah, Romana's best friend
  10. Sumaira, Romana's teacher and mentor
  11. Few unnamed characters*
*Not important characters, and will not be involved in these series, though I might change my mind

Today's Focus: Ali

  • Villain
  • Deceased
  • Physical: Black hair and eyes, tall, handsome
  • Muslim

Ali Saleem is a mystery throughout the novel. Until the last fragment of his death's chronology, the reader is confused about him. What has his psychosis actually done to his son? No one knows.

Me: Welcome to the interview Mr. Ali Saleem. We're going to go over your character through this.
Ali Saleem: Sure, I'm all for it.

Me: Good, that's the spirit! Now, for the first question. Could you describe to me, very briefly your role in the story?
AS: Sure thing. I'm the main character, Aman's father, and my story is not exactly included since I'm dead throughout the novel except the prologue. My divorce from my wife Aamina leaves Aman to chose between us, and he goes for me thinking he can bring us back. Unfortunately, I'm a victim of intense antisocial personality disorder, and for the next five years, I torture my son until I finally die. I come in as the suspense element, flashbacks for Aman. I'm the villain because he is what he is because of me.

Me: Awesome explanation. Now tell me, how did you become a psychopath? Is that included in the story, and if not, is it important?
AS: This has not been researched into, and I think this ambiguity adds to the suspense element in the story.

Me: All right. Tell me about your history beyond the starting of the novel, i.e. before the divorce. If this story were to be about you rather than Aman, how would you craft it?
AS: I think I would work from my childhood, naturally. Perhaps flashbacks of my childhood, against what I'm doing to Aman, you know? 'Cause I assume my childhood was dramatic because I was possessive and I took whatever I wanted. So in my story, I'd show what a devil I was as a child, and how it developed so that I went to London, and learned to hunt, rape, etc. And then I came back, was forced to marry a woman who's all so religious, and then how I pushed her to divorce - I guess it would make a lot of a story,'ll not be the story theme we have here.

Me: you think you deserve a standalone which is about you?
AS: Speaking for you Rabia, you don't want a standalone about psychopaths, do you?

Me: Ha, point well made. Now, if you were alive, and had a more lively role than just a evil genius in flashbacks, how would you act? Like Aman, or a different technique?
AS: I don't think I'd be like Aman. Aman's a vain and broken child scarred by his past. I'm a crazy man who has no shame. It'll be a lot different.

Me: Any ending comments?
AS: You know how to wreck love lives. You broke up Jennifer and Aman, killed Zeenat's husband and still didn't let the two childhood lovers, Zeenat and Aman meet?

Me: Just being realistic. ^^ Good night.
AS: Good night.

Next --> Zafar, Aman's touchy Uncle and the first witness to Ali's psychosis...
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