Interviews With My Cast - P.2.

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I've decided to try an activity. This involves talking with my novel characters as though they're actors of a story. No one is probably interested in talking to them though, so this blog will probably attract little attention. :p Though any number of questions from the character are encouraged and appreciated. :D

Novel characters

  1. Generation 1 - Saleem* and A'liyah*
    • Ali
    • Zafar
  2. Generation 2 - Ali and Aamina
    • Aman
    • Misbah
    • Romana
  3. Generation 2 - Zafar and Muizza
    • Naseem
    • Zeenat
  4. Generation 3 - A'bid and Zeenat
  1. Jennifer, Aman's fiance
  2. Maulvi Abdul Rahman, Jennifer's tutor and best friend
  3. Maulvi Fazal-e-Haq, Jennifer's loathe
  4. Timur, Maulvi Fazal-e-Haq's son*
  5. Jennifer's parents (unnamed)*
  6. Jalal, Misba's fiance
  7. A'num, Jalal's stepsister
  8. Mary, Jalal's cousin
  9. Abdullah, Romana's best friend
  10. Sumaira, Romana's teacher and mentor
  11. Few unnamed characters*
*Not important characters, and will not be involved in these series, though I might change my mind

Today's Focus: Zafar

  • Good guy
  • Alive
  • Physical: Brown hair and eyes, stunted growth, so-so
  • Muslim

Zafar Saleem is a rather simple character who maintains his stance as a caring Uncle in the first half of the novel and as a loving father in the second half. How justified is the back stabbed father? Let's hear him out.

Me: Welcome to the interview Mr. Zafar Saleem. We're going to talk about your character.
Zafar Saleem: Sure.

Me: Good, now I want to know what is your role in the story.
ZS: I am a subtle man, perhaps your average Uncle. I don't play a large role and prove to be only a minor character, seeing my only memorable acts would be some attempts to revive Aman's once loving behavior and my hatred towards him when he killed my son. I also am a witness to what happened before and during the divorce. Otherwise, I am a husband and father to a young girl.

Me: Nice. Do you believe your part in the story defines any boundary of your beliefs and past experiences?
ZS: Past experience is expected to be average, and my beliefs are supposed to be that of the common man; intolerant against loss of blood. I believe my character is a realistic one, neither too harsh and neither too self-righteous. It helps build up the atmosphere of a realistic story.

Me: If Zeenat would died in place of your son, how would it affect your reaction?
ZS: I would show pity and surprise more than anger and disbelief, seeing that I being a father had the vibe of Aman's love for Zeenat. However, it would be pretty much the same, except that I expect my son to intervene and try to soften my behavior towards Aman.

Me: If there was to be a standalone about your brother, how would you expect your personality to flourish?
ZS: Hmm, I'd expect a humble, cowardly and average personality, showing the reactions any human would. However, being elder I would show generosity.

Me: Beautiful. Not a lot of light has been put on your reaction to Zeenat's feelings for Aman. What are they?
ZS: I felt condemned as a father to Naseem and hopeless as a father to Zeenat, and was torn in between my duty to each of them.

Me: Any ending comments?
ZS: Have mercy on your characters. They deserve happy endings.

Me: Happy endings don't exist in this world. But a good night to you.
ZS: Good night to you too.

Next --> Aamina, Aman's forbearing mother who's love for Aman helped him survive in the face of a murderous attempt...
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