Interviews With My Cast - P.3.

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I've decided to try an activity. This involves talking with my novel characters as though they're actors of a story. No one is probably interested in talking to them though, so this blog will probably attract little attention. :p Though any number of questions from the character are encouraged and appreciated. :D

Novel characters

  1. Generation 1 - Saleem* and A'liyah*
    • Ali
    • Zafar
  2. Generation 2 - Ali and Aamina
    • Aman
    • Misbah
    • Romana
  3. Generation 2 - Zafar and Muizza
    • Naseem
    • Zeenat
  4. Generation 3 - A'bid and Zeenat
  1. Jennifer, Aman's fiance
  2. Maulvi Abdul Rahman, Jennifer's tutor and best friend
  3. Maulvi Fazal-e-Haq, Jennifer's loathe
  4. Timur, Maulvi Fazal-e-Haq's son*
  5. Jennifer's parents (unnamed)*
  6. Jalal, Misba's fiance
  7. A'num, Jalal's stepsister
  8. Mary, Jalal's cousin
  9. Abdullah, Romana's best friend
  10. Sumaira, Romana's teacher and mentor
  11. Few unnamed characters*
*Not important characters, and will not be involved in these series, though I might change my mind

Today's Focus: Aamina

  • Good lassie
  • Alive
  • Physical: Black hair and eyes, looks older than her age but rather beautiful
  • Muslim

Aamina Ali is a woman of great emotional strength and steadfastness, whose love for her son overcame every mistake he made, and eventually was the pivot around which Aman returned to his true self. What is the secret of this miraculous mother?

Me: Welcome to the interview Ms. Aamina Ali. We're going to talk about your character.
AA: My pleasure, really.

Me: Heh, you’re too sweet. ^^ Now, what’s your character’s role in the story?
AA: I am a simple woman who has lived a joyous life before her husband’s sudden violence and uncalled for divorce accompanied with an accusation concerning her sanctity. The trauma was intensified when my son, Aman, chose to go with his father instead of staying with me. This caused me to become a much sober woman, who yearned for her son’s return. It didn’t really solve the problem, but as the story goes, it shows that the power of motherly love and strength is almost impossible to overturn – rather, human will is a powerful tool.

Me: Beautifully put. What kind of a wife are you, that is, you were?
AA: I’m shown to be a loving and devoted wife for whom her family life was all she placed her bet on. Although not discussed, I was an ideal homey wife.

Me: Fair enough, and what kind of a mother are to all your children?
AA: My role in the story is mostly concentrated on this facet of a woman’s life. As I have said, my love for Aman is the most and he is shown to be my personal favorite. His departure shattered me and his return invoked hope in me, and then my love forced me to keep struggling with him. As for Misbah, she is shown to be my tagalong daughter who I trust with my life, and perhaps love her for who she is. Then comes Romana, who has been able to grab limited attention from me since she was a mere infant when the divorce happened. She was neglected most of her childhood and turned to different outlets. Even though shown as someone who is a mild form of Aman and rather stubborn, the reader should realize her intense love for me which keeps her doing as I want her to. In the end, I too appreciate her commitment towards me and the vacuum left by my negligence in childhood is filled to an extent.

Me: Detailed, but very informative! If there was to be a standalone about your husband, how would you carry the story?
AA: Unlike the novel where I’m an old lady with a rather large emphasis on an ageing mother, I would be a younger, peppier and frolicsome woman, as I was before the divorce. My role should add a lot of beauty in the story.

Me: Ha, that is true. Nonetheless, your parental family has been mentioned only once in the story. Do you think that is inappropriate?
AA: No, it is done purposefully so as to leave an impression of the distancing from my family, which can be related to social reasons.

Me: All right, what is your reaction to Aman’s affection for Zeenat? We don’t see much of it in the novel from you!
AA: Ha-ha, you are right. I personally always knew, as we read from the novel about Aman and Zeenat’s childhood, but it doesn’t shock me because I understand the complexities both face. I also stop thinking over it in the end, seeing Aman marries someone else after all.

Me: Very smart! Now, any ending comments?
AA: Depressing stories come from depressed individuals.

Me: Depressing stories come from real life. Good night to you.
AA: Good night to you too.

Next --> Muizza, the shattered mother who can’t tolerate her son’s murderer being allowed to stay in her own house, and hitting on her widowed daughter...
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