Intrigues of Interest

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To say conspiracy, you are crazy. There's always a mountain of evidence against it amply provided by the people who are denying it and readily re-iterated by those quick to snub those who seem to like snubbing authority. There's also an army of actual looney people who dilute serious inquiries with tons of crazy and effectively discredit anything mentioned. I think the opposition relies on this. Give the microphone to the idiot and let them rave the situation away. The thing that always struck me as weird is how some people seem incapable of believing that people of great capability and influence would do something dirty, dark, or downright wicked in order to gain more wealth, influence, or advantage. And how said same would band together to increase the rewards. We have all these movies and literature on the rather dark and grimy workings of kings, the wealthy, and every sort of politician dating back ever since civilization began, yet it believe that their government would be doing the same. As if it all were pure fantasy. Scary tales.

I'm a fan of history and one thing I've noticed is that the people are often fleeced or even butchered by their own governments should the need occur. Whoever has influence or authority will push it constantly and test their limits. Today, this is done with a sense of double-speak. Crimes against citizens or people are done while at the same time crying on about the sacred rights and freedoms of mankind. It's rather simple. It's been done over and over and over again. The criminal is the one waving the flag- speaking of honor, destiny, and religious morality- brow-beating those who would dare infringe upon freedom, sweet freedom.

But instead of evoking the automatic contempt that comes with mentioning conspiracies, I rather try to convince people that it is certainly possible- indeed natural seeming- for the powerful to abuse their power in pursuit of more power. Conspiracies are simply intrigues of interest usually on behalf of the powerful to the consequence of the less powerful. The thing I find a little funny is how they managed to convince a country that it was the beacon of freedom when they've had to fight every inch for that freedom ever since it was made. It hardly seems to change now. The encroachment is simply made in secret. Bills passed against your notice or your rights as solid bills themselves or hidden in the terms of another, quite unrelated bill.

Things just seem to make more sense when I realize that everyone is the same. Everyone. And that people of great capacity and influence are just as likely to operate- alone or in groups- out of a powerful and non-passionate self-interest as those who are not. But the ones on top happen to control the situation for the ones on the bottom. Nations and civilizations themselves are just glorified pyramid schemes.
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