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Published by zIANaRCHYIz in the blog zIANaRCHYIz's blog. Views: 107

Hello. Please allow me to introduce myself. I am the youngest son of an ex-pimp and a former whore. The latest fuck-up in a long line of mistakes. The offspring of a taxi-cab douche bag. I am the kid who was too fat to be a friend. I am the one who gets looked down upon because my sperm donor dad couldn't handle me and don't want the responsibility. I am the one whose mom spends life with her head up ass, and calls me crazy. Anything to get a check from the state. I am the by product of deception and manipulation, sometimes the involuntary catalyst. I am the infected, contaminated by things around me. I am the impressionable little shit who thinks he has everything figured out then has it all ripped away. But that was back then. Now, I am the punk who lives up the street, who couldn't give a fuck want anyone thinks. I am a drunk. I am a smoker. I am a professional toker. I am a bastard. I am an asshole. I am whatever the fuck I am. I have been in this world, I have seen a lot of shit. I have survived it all and never once quit. So when life kicks you in the nuts. Just look at me and do what I do. Don't give a fuck and fly the one-finger salute.
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