mugen shiyo May 17, 2011
:) reading this was almost like me walking up to another mind and saying, "you kinda look like me"

i can empathize with a lot of these things, and i found others agreeable and some actually kinda wise. I just read a book on Nietzsche, and that combined with a bunch of global awareness stuff, my outlook on humanity is a bit dimmed at the moment

It’s sad when you come to realize that the ultimate truth of the universe is that there is no ultimate truth, only love, loss and how we deal with them.

i liked that line, and i often thought about it. i found it to be the philosophers curse. you spend your life looking for the underlying truth and reasoning behind things that will offer you insight or clarity into existence when you realize that the truths you find are not only impossible for men to perceive, but impossible for men to achieve as we are flawed from the beginning

lastly, i came to the same conclusion. focus on all the wrongs in life and you will be one depressed human being. goals, dreams, and the will to explore a finite life- no matter how meaningless they are on the grand scheme of things- they mean the world to us and we can make the ride a lot easier with the right mindset and good company

nice write, sm. makes me take a step back and think