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I would like to say about a film today. I’ve been watching a film, named “IRIS”.
First time when I heard about this film, I didn’t think I would like to see it, ‘cause I thought it used so many advertisements to show-off. I didn’t believe in its’ content and play-acting of actors and actresses.
Last Sunday, when I stayed at home and enjoyed the weekend, I thought “why don’t I try to see this film?”. I turned on my computer, entered internet and found IRIS. And you know, I liked this film at the beginning of the first part. I amorously watched it all the night, up untill 7a.m of the next day. I didn’t feel a little of sleepiness or tiredness when I was seeing. So amazing!

I love the main actor. He was a cold fish, proficient man. He was an assassin, but in his fet black eyes, I can see deep love, deep soul that no one has. I admire him so much. Watched him fighted against enermies, I found him so brave! I think I love him. You know, when I saw the photo that he and the actor of “Pearl Habour” took, I think he even standed out from the two. It’s really rare in Asean actors and actressess.

The second man that I like in that film is an assassian that UK sent to kill the main actor (I don’t remember his name). This man, he was even more glacier than Kyung Jun. But he was a talented and handsome guy. He loved the girl who worked in NSS. Up to now, I don’t know if he knew she is working for NSS and only exploited her. I don’t want, ‘cause I think their love is so beautiful. The director, please don’t make it a fake love!

One more interesting circumstance in this film is love triangle among Kyung Jun, Sha Woo and Cheung Hee. Kyung Jun felt in love with Cheung Hee at the first sight and they had many romantic memories. The best friend of Kyung Jun named Sha Woo also loved Cheung Hee, but her only love is Kyung Jun. Everthing has changed when Kyung Jun got an order from Baek San to kill a stateman of North Korean in Budapest- the capital of Hungary. Kyung Jun was severely injured after assassinating that politican, he asked Baek San for help but his demand was refused. Even though, Baek San tasked Sha Woo to kill Kyung Jun. Sha Woo betrayed their friendship and try to kill his best friend. Kyung Jun escaped and was saved by a secret organism. When he recovered, he ran away from that organism, tried to come back Akita-Japan. North Korean wants to kill him. They appoint a assissin girl to kill him, but Kyung Jun saved that girl, she felt in love with him.
In general, the content of this film is so complicated.

After all, it is really interesting and noteworthy film where you can see not only love story, but also action movie, sensitive spy and politics between North and South Korean. Not to be a slave to the old style, IRIS found out new expression way to give more excitement to viewers.
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