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Is a way of life for me.

Someone says something, you say the opposite of what they expect you to say.

Someone does something, you react how they didn't think you'd react.

Someone gives you a choice, you make the wrong one.

On purpose.


[size=+2]Because You Can.[/size]

Sounds like a cop-out answer I know, but just think about it for a second.

Right now, sitting at your computer, you have almost limitless oppurtunities and possibilities.

You can have smalltalk with someone who lives in Puerto Rico, play online chess with someone who lives in Siberia or you could turn off your computer, walk out of the door and do almost anything your body will allow.

[size=+2]If you want to.[/size]

Such is the nature of Free Will that you are capable of so much irrelevance, but not willing to act on it.

Someone once told me that our free will is what separates us from Animals. This is wrong. Any sentient being has free will, some just tend to act on theirs more.

In the words of Arnold Rimmer: "What separates us from animals is that we don't use our own tongues to clean our genitals."
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