Is it obvious I don't know what I'm doing?

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Honestly, I've never blogged in my life. It is as vague to me as pod casts... whatever those things are.

Anyways, I was reviewing my other MC's character obsessions I have typed out, and decided I want to combine two MC's into one, or maybe split one up and divide him/her amongst the other MC's. That part I haven't figured yet, but I'm sure inspiration will come sometime. All I know is I have way too many personalities running amok, and it's getting tiring pining down their POV's.

Also, combining one MC with another or dividing them up will make my plot go easier. It's just too hard for me to work a homocidal nympho who teams up with an undercover cop working for a mob boss, and her mechanical genius brother who eventually turns gay and hooks up with my other MC who is a transvestite, into my main plot of fossil fuel depletion in the 1970's with subsequent population transplantation to a Mar's space sation.

Talk about run-on sentences. Yeesh.
But there you have it. I'm so lost in a messed up, mucky, world of my making, and I can't focus on one MC/plot line long enough to see my way out. Yet. For all the trouble it's giving me, I'm not ready to leave it yet. It's too funny and odd. I mean really, a transvestite? A homocidal nympho? Man moving to Mars?? Haha!! What is wrong with me?
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